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Getting Ready

One good way to prepare ourselves for Christ's return is to make a point of examining our consciences every evening before bed. St. Ignatius of Loyola developed a simple method of prayerfully reviewing the day in a way which will help you grow spiritually, as well as help you to see what areas of your life need some changes. This practice is called the Daily Examen and it includes the following basic steps:  

Stillness - Recalling God's Presence: Relax in God's presence, aware of His love for you. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you look honestly at your thoughts and actions.

Gratitude - Expressing Thankfulness: In reviewing your day, recognize the gifts given to you by God, and express your gratitude to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Reflection - Looking Back on Your Day: Look again at the events of your day. Consider how you felt and what your motivations were in the ways you chose to act and in the things you chose to say. Were you following God's will? Did you take the opportunity to grow in faith, hope, and charity? 

Sorrow - Asking for Forgiveness: Spend time talking with God. Express sorrow for the times that you failed to follow His will, and ask Him to be with you when you are faced with similar situations in the future. 

Hopefulness - Resolving to Grow: Ask God to help you as you go through your day tomorrow. Resolve to seek His loving guidance and to cooperate with His promptings. 

Conclude with the Lord's Prayer.